Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital

Meet Our Front Desk Team

Hannah Fewkes

Hannah Blanco, Assistant Practice Manager

Hannah’s love for animals began when she was very young. She was always bringing home animals and convincing her parents to keep them. She has brought home anything from a cat to a baby raccoon. She currently has two parakeets and a big fluffy cat. It was only natural that she started working in the veterinary field in 2017. Hannah is originally from Port Orchard, but until a year ago had enjoyed her time living on Oahu.

When not at work, Hannah enjoys cooking, baking, crocheting, going for long drives, and working on her Jeep. Hannah's goal for the future is to own a homestead with her husband. There she can raise sheep and spin their wool into yarn and she can continue on her crochet projects.

Favorite animal: Whale Shark

Halle Schnell

Halle Schnell, Lead Client Service Representative

Halle was born and raised in Maple Valley and still lives here. From a young age she was interested in animals . Growing up, she raised guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, fish, and turtles. She always knew she wanted to work somewhere that was involved with animals. She started working in the vet field a little less than a year ago and she loves it.

In her free time she loves being outdoors and making memories with her two daughters and husband.

Favorite animal: Skinny Pig

Bonnie Vinnicky

Bonnie Vinnicky, Client Service Representative

Bonnie has always had love and compassion for animals of all kinds. As a little girl she was always bringing home strays or trying to convince her parents to adopt "one more" pet.

In her spare time she enjoys quality time with her husband and young son, creating music, and going on outdoor adventures of any kind.

Favorite animal: Nigerian Dwarf Goat